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Top 7 Love Shayari for wife | shayari from husband to wife |

Top 7 Love Shayari for Wife

A wife is a person who gives her life all her life no matter how many problems comes in life. She never leaves her husband and we have a companion in the journey of life.

So today, we will share love shayari for wife, emotional shayri for wife and many more thing. These shayari you can share with your wife and tell her that how much you love her and impress your wife.

Love Shayari for Wife

Every men needs a person with whom he can spend his life and that person is wife.

A wife has multiple character in life. She is also a Daughter in law, mother and sister. Wife has a huge responsibilities of their kids.

Romantic Shayari from husband to wife

Every husband finds a true friend in his wife. So that he can share all this feelings, emotion, and if any problem comes then they can face it together.

Great marriages is not happen just by luck, they have to learn to be loving, to know each other, by respecting each other, understand the feelings of your life partner, to give time, thinking about each other’s happiness and make promises to always be together in bad times no matter what happens and a solid commitment between husband and wife.

A wife only want love to her husband, wife wants her husband to take care of her and give her attention and nothing else.

Shayari on husband wife relation

The husband always shows his wife that I am thinking about you, I am caring about you and I will always love you.

emotional shayari for wife

"Kabhi Kabhi Paheli Bnkar Mujhe Satati Hain,
Jab Tak Roodhti Nahi Tabh Tak Mujhe Manati Hai,
Or Gila Bhi Karti Hai Toh Sirf Itna,
Ki Vo Mera Bina Khana Nahi Khati Hain "

Husband – wife is a relation where two souls meet together. In a good relation of husband and wife there is no you and I, There is only we exist.

The Impact of wife on her husband is very important and every successful men there is women who always motivate him, support him and appreciate him. For husband, wife is the most important person in the world and no one can replace.

love shayari for wife in english

" Kal Raat Chand Bilkul Aap Jaisa Tha,
Vo Hi Khoobsurti, Vo Hi Noor, Vo Hi Gurur,
Aur Vaisa Hi, Aapki Trah Durr "

The love between husband and wife is unconditional and there is no words which describe the love of husband and wife. This love is pure, simple, and divine and it is most beautiful thing in the world.

The relationship of husband and wife is the most amazing and beautiful where two person spend their life and time together.

missing shayari for wife in hindi

" Mein Lab Hu, Meri Baat Ho Tum,
Mein Tabh Hu, Jab Mere Saath Ho Tum "

The important thing which makes any relationship better is the Time. When you give some time to anyone you understand that person and also their nature and this thing is also applicable in husband-wife relation.

romantic shayari from husband to wife

"Bepnah Mohabbt Tum Se Milkar Hui,
Iss Mere Dil Ko Khushi Tum Se Milkar Hui,
Paya Sab Kuch Duniya Mein Mene,
Par Jevan Mein Khushi Sirf Tumse Milkar Hui "

There is no perfect relation exist in the world which always makes you happy every relation goes ups and down so whenever bad situation will come in any relation, just give some time and everything will be fine.

Shayari for wife birthday

Here we have also Shayari for wife’s birthday, you can impress her by read or sharing these shayari on her birthday. These shayari express your feeling towards your wife that how much she is special for you and the importance of her in your life.

shayari on husband wife relation

"Gile Shikve Dil Se Na Laga Lena,
Kabhi Rooth Jau Toh Mna Lena,
Kal Ka Kya Pata, Hum Ho Na Ho,
Isliye Jab Bhi Milu,
Pyaar se Mera Haath Thaam Lena "

Final words on Love Shayari for wife

So, whenever you want express your love and feeling to your wife. Just read or share these love sharyari for wife and tell her how much your life changed when she come and how important she is for your and also grow love in your life.

wife impress shayari in hindi
"Aao Chalo Rishton Ki Shaan Ban Jaye,
Ek Dusre Ki Labo Ki Muskan Ban Jaye,
Hum Tum Nibhaye Aapni Yaari Iss Trah,
Duniya Mein Hum Dosti Ki Pehchan Bann Jaye "

Luck and wife may bother but when they support you, life become better than heaven.  Everyone says that wife only hurts and give pain, but no one has ever said that she is the only one who gives our help in suffering.

wife ke liye love shayari hindi

"Ek Pal Ki Yeh Baat Nahi,
Do Pal Ka Yeh Saath Nahi,
Kehne ko Toh Yeh Zindagi Jannat Se Pyari Hai,
Par Vo Saath hi Kya, Jisme Tera Haath Nahi "